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Food Chain

I've just woken up.
I've found a mouse, killed in the mouse trap I set a few days ago. Its belly was deformed, (strangely indented) as if it had been caught in a trap once before.  It wasn't a particularly clean kill this time either as the wiry lever arm had missed the head and had struck the mouse on the shoulder.
I threw the dead body out of the front door and on to the nearby drain cover, this has become the usual method of disposal.
Just after I logged on to my computer, in order to check my email, I glanced out of the window and was witness to a sight which I took as a reward for my pest control efforts.
A magpie flew down and approached to carcass picked it up in its beak and flew away so continuing the food chain that started with numerous choclate biscuits the wrappers of which were found in a void at the back of the cupboard yesterday.

Having spent most of yesterday plugging a hole at the back of the food cupboard in the kitchen I console myself with the thought that I might not have to dispose of many more mouse remains, at least in the near future.

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