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From Mrs Zaida Kabila
email. zaidalaurent@mail.com


Special Greetings to you
I am Mrs. Zaida Kabila the second wife,of the late president laurent d.kabila of the democratic republic of congo.There is an information I would like disclose to you for the sake of helping me because iam in a very serious problem hoping that God will touch your heart to wholeheartedly help me and my only son Mark Kabila.I WOULD WANT YOU TO KEEP THIS VERY VERY CONFIDENTIAL.

There is some amount of money my husband late president Laurent Kabila deposited in a security company in COTE D IVOIRE for safekeeping. Before his eldest military son killed him. The squabble
happened immediately we returned back from our London trip.I will not be able to give you the full details that led to that ugly incident.

The eldest son is the current president of our country now he conspired with his mother the first wife to eliminate me and my 17 year old son but God revealed it to us before they could strike. So we left without most of our valuables all our personal bank accounts were frozen and our properties confiscated and as long as the first son Joseph is the president of our country our going back there is impossible.

For now I am staying in Abidjan, the capital of the republic of COTE D IVOIRE just to save my life with my child. The money in question is 10 million U.S dollars. I cannot make the withdrawal of this fund, because my husband registered the beneficiary of the fund as his foreign business partner and also family valuables as the content of the deposit.

The documents of the deposit are with me.What I would want you to do is to assist me to get the consignment withdrawn from the security company you provide a new account for me in your name and transfer
the money to your country through the account. We shall replace the name of the foreign partner to your own name because the code was used for security reason. I will give you 15% of the money for your
assistance. Also promise to contract an attorney who will help us in processing all the necessary documents needed for the withdrawal.

I would use the remaining balance of the money for an investment in your country for the future of my child.If you are interested and can maintain the confidentiality of this transaction,please email me
immediately for more clarification. Also note that Iam staying in Abidjan, cote d ivoire as a refugee because of the assassination of my late husband and the civil war going on in our country, democratic
republic of Congo. I cannot speak English very well but my son MARK
speaks English very well,he is in charge of this transaction you are to call him on his personal phone number anytime for more clarifications 00225. please reply on my very private email at zaidalaurent@mail.com

Thank you very much,
God bless

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