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19th March 2008

12:56pm: Noodles
John must eat up his noodles as visits to KFC have been banned.  We are saving for a plane ticket to Ph.

16th June 2004


My japanese name is 川添 Kawazoe (riverside) 雄大 Masahiro (big hero).
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24th April 2004

12:21am: WTF?
From Mrs Zaida Kabila
email. zaidalaurent@mail.com


Special Greetings to you
I am Mrs. Zaida Kabila the second wife,of the late president laurent d.kabila of the democratic republic of congo.There is an information I would like disclose to you for the sake of helping me because iam in a very serious problem hoping that God will touch your heart to wholeheartedly help me and my only son Mark Kabila.I WOULD WANT YOU TO KEEP THIS VERY VERY CONFIDENTIAL.

There is some amount of money my husband late president Laurent Kabila deposited in a security company in COTE D IVOIRE for safekeeping. Before his eldest military son killed him. The squabble
happened immediately we returned back from our London trip.I will not be able to give you the full details that led to that ugly incident.

The eldest son is the current president of our country now he conspired with his mother the first wife to eliminate me and my 17 year old son but God revealed it to us before they could strike. So we left without most of our valuables all our personal bank accounts were frozen and our properties confiscated and as long as the first son Joseph is the president of our country our going back there is impossible.

For now I am staying in Abidjan, the capital of the republic of COTE D IVOIRE just to save my life with my child. The money in question is 10 million U.S dollars. I cannot make the withdrawal of this fund, because my husband registered the beneficiary of the fund as his foreign business partner and also family valuables as the content of the deposit.

The documents of the deposit are with me.What I would want you to do is to assist me to get the consignment withdrawn from the security company you provide a new account for me in your name and transfer
the money to your country through the account. We shall replace the name of the foreign partner to your own name because the code was used for security reason. I will give you 15% of the money for your
assistance. Also promise to contract an attorney who will help us in processing all the necessary documents needed for the withdrawal.

I would use the remaining balance of the money for an investment in your country for the future of my child.If you are interested and can maintain the confidentiality of this transaction,please email me
immediately for more clarification. Also note that Iam staying in Abidjan, cote d ivoire as a refugee because of the assassination of my late husband and the civil war going on in our country, democratic
republic of Congo. I cannot speak English very well but my son MARK
speaks English very well,he is in charge of this transaction you are to call him on his personal phone number anytime for more clarifications 00225. please reply on my very private email at zaidalaurent@mail.com

Thank you very much,
God bless

<input ... ><input ... > <input ... > <input ... > <input ... > 

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22nd March 2004

9:22am: My Project has been approved

Approval Email

If this project was approved today, the following email would have been sent to the project administrator. (If this project was approved in the past, a different verson of this text may have been provided; shown is the current version of this text, sent to newly approved projects.)

Subject: SourceForge.net Project Approved

Your project registration for SourceForge.net has been approved.

Project Information:

Project Descriptive Name: SciFiCon
Project Unix Name: sci-fi-con-org
CVS Server: cvs.sourceforge.net
Shell Server: shell.sourceforge.net
Web Server: sci-fi-con-org.sourceforge.net

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13th March 2004

3:07pm: I've just got back from a face to face meeting with my tutor, and i'm quite depressed.  The Tutors are happy for me to produce a database that will be of no use, I'm not supposed to worry about a GUI front end, or the fact that SQL is useless for doing anything that is only slightly complicated like matching a group of Hotel Attendees with their rooms.
On top of that my E-R diagrams are supposed to match the real world, and not the SQL database i'm designing.

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30th January 2004

2:46pm: Grrr.....
I've just spent the last three days, on and off, searching for my cheque-book only to find it in the glove box of my car.
I've also received a parking fine £60 for a car for which i no longer own, but is still registered to me (hence the need for me to find the cheque book) -- I could argue the case, but NOT to have informed Swansea of change of ownership is potentially a more serious crime (somehow).
The car's been impounded and i'm hoping they'll scrap the car rather than try to charge me for it -- the deadline for claiming it is still a week or so away.
All this and a severe cash flow problem.

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13th January 2004

11:41am: Property Bubble
There are a rediculous amount of do up your property,  do up your property to flog it and sell up and buy a property abroad programmes on television today.
Just today on terestrial there is (on BBC 1)  To Buy or Not to Buy, Big Strong Boys, Trading Up and Passport to the Sun, whilst on Channel 4 there is A Place in the Sun and Room for Improvement.

And yet properties remain rediculously overpriced and become more expensive to run year on year with rates and utility prices ever on the up.

This bubble must burst soon.

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1:34am: The Parable of the Splinter

At the end of the day after sawing wood Hamish noticed he had a splinter in the palm of his hand.  Although very tired he resolved to remove it before retiring to bed.

Verily, with the use of a pin Hamish removed the splinter, and feeling no pain he went to bed.

The next Morn Hamish discovered that he still had a splinter in the palm of his hand.  At first he was vexed but then realised that it was not the same splinter, but a much smaller one.  It was only after removing the larger that he became aware of the smaller.

In a similar way the removal of one problem often does not lead to satisfaction but just to the awareness of other problems.

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29th December 2003

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||| 12%
Introverted |||||||||||||||||||| 88%
Friendly |||||||||||| 44%
Aggressive |||||||||||||| 56%
Orderly |||||||||| 32%
Disorderly |||||||||||||||| 68%
Relaxed |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Openminded |||||||||||| 50%
Closeminded |||||||||||| 50%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

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SimilarMinds Compatibility Results

How compatible are you and your friends?

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12th December 2003

3:42am: multiple headache
After much work I've just about managed to make my main PC able to treble boot.  I now have three Operating Systems - Windows '98, Red Hat Linux 7.2 and Debian Linux 3.0 - all in the same box

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16th November 2003

9:37am: Food Chain
I've just woken up.
I've found a mouse, killed in the mouse trap I set a few days ago. Its belly was deformed, (strangely indented) as if it had been caught in a trap once before.  It wasn't a particularly clean kill this time either as the wiry lever arm had missed the head and had struck the mouse on the shoulder.
I threw the dead body out of the front door and on to the nearby drain cover, this has become the usual method of disposal.
Just after I logged on to my computer, in order to check my email, I glanced out of the window and was witness to a sight which I took as a reward for my pest control efforts.
A magpie flew down and approached to carcass picked it up in its beak and flew away so continuing the food chain that started with numerous choclate biscuits the wrappers of which were found in a void at the back of the cupboard yesterday.

Having spent most of yesterday plugging a hole at the back of the food cupboard in the kitchen I console myself with the thought that I might not have to dispose of many more mouse remains, at least in the near future.

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6th November 2003

6:13pm: shares ......
I had an interesting few days, i've recently bought PKZ HPQ and IBM
IBM has gone down, HPQ has gone up but PKZ has gone up down and is now going up again from a low so is still showing a loss.

I've decided to install Debian instead of red hat -- that way i'm less likely to get messed about


My SCSI drive is playing up.  I thought it was a cooling problem so i ,made modifications to ensure it had a fan blowing directly on it.

However it still only works intermitently.  It will work for say five minutes and then stop causing a system crash (or freeze up)

I've sent off for a new scsi cable and two new drives; I hope this will solve the problem -- but it could be the controller, motherboard or power supply causing the problem.


I tried to check the rear brakes the other day but i couldn't get the rear brake drums off  -- will try again soon.


i had a great deal of trouble with network cards -- i've perchased netgear FA311 which is supposed to be Linux compatable, i've downloaded some software drivers for it and think i have got it going -- it has passed a 'ping' test but this is not really conclusive.

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25th October 2003

12:44pm: Exams over
My OU's exams are over for another year.  However I have a list of 20 things I need to do. They are mostly boring but necessary such as to submit a tax return and the like. I spent a considerable amount of time installing the new washing machine yesterday but still have to put the spanners and the spirit level away.

I've had to email dabs.com as several items that i have had on order have not yet arrived. Their website used to look good no matter which browser  one used, however since they did a re-vamp it looks crap when using Mozilla, I haven't checked other browsers.

My last exam was yesterday and it gave me a headache that lasted most of the day (yesterday)   I really needed a drink when I came out of the exam but as i was driving i wasn't able to partake until much later that day.  Still  last night I slept well for the first time in a while, although I did have some weird dreams about brightly coloured salamanders (a new species with blue skin and red pertrubances all over their backs)

I must go now as i still have that list of 20.

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12th October 2003

12:22pm: purple carrots
purple carrots (try again)

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12:16pm: Next big thing
purple carrots

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2nd August 2003

4:22pm: milestones or millstones
I've just finished the last TMA for T396 (artificial intelligence)
The next item on the agenda is the 5th of 6 TMAs for M301 (java)

Still to do in 2003:
 x 1 TMA for M358 (relational databases)
x 2 TMA for M301.
Final Project for T396.
M301 final Exam.
M358 final Exam.

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3:08pm: I've recently passed a low point in dental hygiene.
Having forgotten the last time I cleaned my teeth I decided to make amends.

After eating a clove of garlic and performing a salty water mouthwash I managed to de-sensitise my teeth enough to be able to attempt to brush my teeth.

It hurt a little and my gums bleed a little, but now my gums are on their way to recovery again.  Over the next few days I shall try to stop snacking between meals and forgo sugar in my coffee, that way I can keep the dentists at bay for a little longer.

Now when did I last have a bath, or for that matter a shave or a haircut?

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29th July 2003

10:26am: addictive
Don't go to

poetry stuff

Don't go to

poetry stuff

I found it additive and stayed up WAY past my bedtime (till it was almost light again).

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12th July 2003

5:53pm: UML diagrams
I just spent most of this week doing an assignment for M301 which is a java related course.  I'm veery tired of the countless UML diagrams that I've had to do.  I'm sorta between assignments now, but I will have to start another one for T396 (artificial intelligence) soon.
But not today I don't fink -- maybe i'll start tomorrow if i'm not too groggy from tonights drinking session.
<<< current picture gives an idea what UM-hell diagrams look like -- but not usually as colourful !! >>> 

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1:07pm: Atheist
Threat rating: extremely low. You may think you can
subvert the government, but if you should try
you will be smited mightily because God likes
us best.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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10th July 2003

10:58am: Recent Trades
London Account.

Have sold last of Baltimore UK:BLM for 45p
and have increased holding of UK:LOG LogicaCMG at price of £1.65

My holdings by %
UK:MONI    < 0.1 %
UK:MONW < 0.3 %
UK:LOG      99.62%

I am commiting the heresy of having all my eggs in one basket.


Yankee Account

By %
AMAT  5.2%
AMD    62.5%
MKTW 5.2%
PTEN   27.1%

Recent changes  Sold LXK,  bought (more) AMD.


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9th July 2003

1:08am: Result.
You are Dave Lister. You are the last surviving
human. You have personal habits that make
people sick, and your skill at playing the
guitar has driven people mad. You hate Rimmer,
and just want to get back to Earth to have your
little fiji and a donut stand.

Which Red Dwarf character are you?
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